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We Support Innovation
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Empowering Plumas County's Entrepreneurs

Indian Valley Innovation Hub supports the development of all legally operating business owners in Plumas County, CA. We connect entrepreneurs with the support they need and we’ve developed special programming to support wildfire area impacted businesses and product makers. 


IVIH was born

In the wake of the transformative Dixie Fire, in June 2022 Indian Valley Innovation Hub (IVIH) was born with a powerful mission:

to cultivate a new wave of export-ready products from Plumas County. Demand for our business support services quickly soared, prompting us to extend our reach to encompass all of Plumas County and all businesses.

Through strategic partnerships, we are bridging the gap between small business owners and innovative resources, unlocking a realm of possibilities that can significantly enhance their chances of success. Our vision extends beyond mere success; we aspire to foster a dynamic economic landscape with a burgeoning base of skilled product manufacturers.

Stuff we do

We’re creating a network of support for all businesses in Dixie Fire burn scarred areas. Additionally, we connect all entrepreneurs based in Plumas County with programming and resources that help their business’ survival and growth.

We provide technical assistance with loan and grant applications

We Refer Clients to Experts for Professional Consulting

We Provide Assistance with Financing

We assist with Marketing locally made products

Business services

There is no reason we cannot create products that the world would want to know about!

With the help of the IVIH, we can make this happen, and then the world will want to buy your things! This process is how we start to rebuild economically.


Education equals economic growth.

― Julia Gillard

We turn entrepreneurial visions into tangible successes. While tools, skills, and experience are essential, our role is to bridge the gap by equipping business owners with the crucial knowledge they need to succeed.