Look for the 'Made in Plumas County' logo in stores throughout Plumas County

Embrace the quality and craftsmanship of local products, from unique jewelry to artisanal foods, and join in nurturing the community's entrepreneurial spirit. Every item bought is a step towards a more vibrant and sustainable local economy.


Made in Plumas County

Products range from wood products to agricultural products, to prepared foods, to arts and crafts, and beyond. For a product to be eligible for the Made in Plumas program, it must be made, grown, manufactured, processed, produced, or substantially transformed in Plumas County, California.


The Made in Plumas County program aims to:

  1. Promote products Made in Plumas County
  2. Increase revenue generated from products Made in Plumas County
  3. Increase local consumer loyalty for products Made in Plumas County
  4. Create a network of businesses that export products to areas outside Plumas County

Product maker benefits with Made in Plumas County:

  • Displaying the Made in Plumas County logo on your product(s)
  • Increased loyalty (and sales) from local consumers
  • Your product(s) will appear at the Made in Plumas County website
  • Consumers will know where to purchase your product(s)
  • Access to Made in Plumas County distribution streams currently being developed including:
    • Local stores and farmer’s markets
    • Farmer’s markets and stores outside Plumas County
    • Made in Plumas County online sales network
  • Being part of a network of local product makers
  • Free supportive resources and opportunities for your business

Retail store benefits with Made in Plumas County:

  • The Made in Plumas County program will advertise your store or restaurant.
  • Opening your doors to local farmers, artisans, and manufacturers can bring a unique sense of location to your business. It sets the consumer’s experience apart and makes your business a destination for consumers who seek-out locally made products.

Local entrepreneurs produce goods inspired by their own experience with the Lost Sierra’s spirit and vitality.


Hi Plumas County Product Makers

1. The product you create or add value to has to be grown, raised, created, manufactured or enhanced in Plumas County, and the end product is worth 50% or more in added value

2. The product maker maintains the handicraft or product making or manufacturing operation within Plumas County

3. The product maker uses resources and materials from Plumas County in the manufacturing or production of the product, or provides documentation that the raw resources and materials do not exist in Plumas County either in the form, quality, or quantity required for the production of the product

4. The business is owned and operated by a Plumas County resident

5. The business plan must include a plan to market outside Plumas County

6. Currently, the submission fee is $0 for 2023! After 2023, the submission cost will be $25

7. Permits the inspection of the production or manufacturing site by a Made in Plumas representative

8. Products which meet the program’s 50 percent or more produced in Plumas County criteria are eligible to use the Made in Plumas logo. Permits authorizing the use of the Made in Plumas County logo serve both producers and consumers by certifying product authenticity

9. Indian Valley Innovation Hub shall have sole discretion to determine whether a product is eligible to be labeled with one of the Made in Plumas County logos

10. A separate permit is required for each handicraft type or product line of the applicant

11. In addition, a company must possess and in compliance with all applicable state and federal permits, licenses, and laws.


Indian Valley Innovation Hub is excited to offer product makers and retail stores memberships for the new Made in Plumas County program.

• Applicants can apply to the program online, over the phone, or through the mail

• Applicants are able to upload their product photos, website, and other marketing materials at Indian Valley Innovation Hub’s website

• Applicant’s proposed use of the logo shall be included in the application and is subject to review and approval by Made in Plumas County program administrators

• After receipt of the registration payment, Made in Plumas County will provide the registrant a certificate of registration and a digital file of the logo(s) suitable for reproduction

• A $25.00 application fee shall accompany each application

• Within 30 days of receipt of the application, the Made in Plumas County program will either grant or deny the applicant’s request to use the logo(s)

• Upon approval of an application, the application fee of $25.00 shall be processed

• Applicants will soon be able to order Made in Plumas County supplies via the Indian Valley Innovation Hub/Made in Plumas County website


A permit to use the “Made in Plumas County” logo is valid for one year from the date the permit is issued. A permit may be renewed by:

1. Submitting a complete permit renewal application

2. paying the annual $25 fee

For Made in Plumas County businesses that would like to develop or fine tune their business/marketing plan, please reach out to us and request more information about IVIH’s business services. You can also visit Indian Valley Innovation Hub’s calendar and see the upcoming workshops, informational sessions, and webinars.

Reach out to IVIH via email at IVIH.information@gmail.com

We can also include a link to all of the vendor applications for open air markets in Plumas County. Please contact program administrator Lara Wheeler at ivih.information@gmail.com if you have any questions or need assistance completing the Made in Plumas County program application.


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