Invested in Economic Growth

The Indian Valley Innovation Hub is highly invested in the economic growth of not only Indian Valley, but all of Plumas County. It is not an easy topic, but we research, brainstorm and network around the clock on the subject. We are driven to discover ways to increase the amount of money that flows into our county in the forms of sales, jobs and visitors.

Photo Source: Connected Communities — History of Greenville – Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship

When we first formed the Hub, everyone on the team acknowledged the fact that there IS NO SILVER BULLET. In fact, decades have been lost to the hope that a major corporation will one day move to Plumas County and create hundreds of jobs. We would love to have that happen, but we are committed to working on more realistic solutions to our goals.

There is no doubt, our prosperity will happen one Innovator at a time. This part of our website is dedicated to those Innovators, and the development of ideas that will hopefully foster new Innovators.


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Indian Valley Innovation Hub supports the development of business owners and their products.

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